It’s Official: Green Jobs are Going Mainstream For the First Time


The boom is being felt around the world. From philanthropic philosophies to sound business strategies, green jobs with a career in renewable energy is becoming a real option with massive opportunities for advancement.

US solar installations will more than double in 2016, increasing by 119%, says the Solar Energy Industries Association. That’s a continuation of the energy subset’s ongoing growth, which has seen a tenfold increase since 2011.

Asia Pacific’s solar panel market to reach $37.8 billion by 2020.

It’s Official: Green Jobs are Going Mainstream For the First Time

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The renewable energy job market is booming. It is estimated that it will grow to 24 million jobs worldwide by 2030 – up from 9.2 million reported in 2014 – according to analysis by the International Renewable Energy Industry (IRENA), which predicts that doubling the proportion of renewables in the global energy mix would increase GDP by up to $1.3 trillion across the world.

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Consider a Career In Green Jobs

German Green Summer School

The German academy for renewable energy and environmental technology has a summer school that will consist of three, one-week modules.

Each module combines theory and practice focusing on:

  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Biogas energy.

Each module includes a highly valuable practical aspect where participants will have the chance to visit German manufacturers/operators and companies in the wind, solar, and biogas fields.

There are 180 universities and polytechnic colleges in Germany involved in the energy transition. The federal Research Ministry providing $2.65 billion in competitive grants from 2011 to 2013.


A flagship in the shift to renewable energies, Tesla has been on an upswing for quite some time. When Tesla’s economy Model 3 becomes available in 2017 (projected) at $35,000 (USD), we can expect a huge jump in the value and demand.

In fact, company CEO Elon Musk last year revealed that he expects the company to rival that of Apple by 2025 and could be worth a whopping $700 billion.

A common theme in the solar industry – as well as the net zero architecture, geothermal and residential agricultural sectors – is that growth in the past two years has risen at rates that can barely be kept up with.

Solar companies have reported more business in the last calendar year than in the ten years previous combined.

Even fossil fuel companies are investing in renewables. Oil and gas employees are switching industries and taking pay cuts exchanging market uncertainty for guaranteed futures.

Wherever you live in the world, check out the options available for you to get involved in green jobs. The opportunities are abundant and there are new innovations on a near daily basis around the globe.

The best part?

Due to the nature and philosophy behind the technology, you’re more likely to enjoy your job as these companies genuinely care about people and the environment.

Rather than being purely profit driven, the majority of these companies have a fundamental respect for the environment, people, equality and strive to help create a better life for all.

There is a way of life associated with it that creates an atmosphere of community and hope.

Making money is nice. Making a difference while making money is the best.


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