Kitchen Appliance Grows Fresh Produce


Imagine if you could install an appliance in your kitchen that could yield fresh, organic produce.

A completely controlled environment all year round. In your kitchen. The advancements in micro agriculture have become extremely interesting. Not only for economic concerns but health,  the environment as well as political implications.

Urban Cultivator is one such company which has been on a fast track to success. After launching in 2010 and subsequent appearance on Dragon’s Den, they reached a successful partnership agreement with Arlene Dickinson. You can now find their products around North America and they’ve since entered the European market as well.

Urban Cultivator offers two models: one for the home kitchen, and one for the commercial kitchen. The Residential model has the ability to grow up to four flats of fresh microgreens, vegetables, and herbs. The Commercial model can grow up to 16 flats. Both have automatic watering, lighting, and temperature functions with your ease of use in mind. -UC

urban cultivator appliances

Our seeds are non-GMO, and no sprays or chemicals are added in the growing process. You’re getting 100% organic, healthy food. -UC

  • Grows 8 varieties of herbs and microgreens at once
  • Plumb into city water or use as a standalone unit
  • Standard 24″ appliance size and depth
  • 110v or 220v power
  • Monthly average kWh: 18 kWh
  • Automatic watering cycles
  • 7 days a week grow support
  • CSA certified
  • 3 year warranty

When combined with a net zero home this innovative and helpful technology puts you in control of your food.

No worries about pesticides, herbicides, glyphosate etc and the carbon footprint reduction is massive. The residential unit weighs in under 200 lbs and the commercial unit is almost 550 lbs. Growing your own can save you more than 75% of the cost of going with a commercial grower. Unless you’re living next to the farm you’re purchasing from, there is no way of getting any fresher produce without eating it while it’s still growing. Literally harvest to plate in less than 30 seconds.

living produce aisle

Basil, broccoli, cabbage, parsley, kale, mustard, peas, radish, dill, flax, sage etc. These kinds of versatile and delicious vegetables at your fingertips. Automatic watering and a complete user guide to guide you through it step by step. Microgreens are extremely flavorful and healthy. If one were so inclined, they could install this appliance in their net zero house. Combine solar and atmospheric water generators and live a healthy and modern lifestyle independent from the grid.

I’d like to see the day when all the available practices and technologies were integrated into our day to day living. As of today if you walk into most appliance stores or home living big box stores, you will find little to no evidence that alternatives exist. I want to know if I can easily grow my own food. Supply my own power and water and consume 80%-100% less energy than I do. Even generating more than I need and actually turning it into a revenue source. Just like growing food, which you can gift, sell or barter with. There are many sides to using these types of innovations. Most of which are extremely impressive.

I’d like to sample the process myself and see what kind of soups and salads can be created. I believe we will see growth in the residential farming industry at an incredible rate as the cost of food continues to rise.




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