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Net Zero Homes Customized

Net Zero Homes Customized


Affordable Net Zero homes?

In today’s housing markets there is not a lot of value out there. If you want to live in an urban area you are likely to pay a massive premium. Green Terra Homes recognized a need and has been addressing it with steel frame custom made net zero homes. Homes equipped with net zero technology, shipped and assembled within weeks. Existing designs or ones customized to your specific needs.

From 1 bedroom 576 sq ft homes under $48,000 to 4 bedroom 3 bathroom 2,386 sq ft homes for $225,000. Tiny homes from $28k-$33k or mobile homes for approx $75k. There is even an RV model. Home sizes range from 1,400-3,500 sq ft. (Prices subject to change)

net zero homes
net zero homes

What they boast

Designed and engineered in compliance with all National Codes. The all steel framing provides true “Green” construction framing and is 100% recyclable. Steel framing is non-combustible, non-toxic and allergy free and is termite, insect and rodent resistant.

Modular net zero homes built with steel studs, mono slope or traditional peaked roofs. With optional live roof and optional solar panels. Units can be stacked and combined for a never ending combination of structure to meet your needs.

A la cart “Green” options such as live green roofs, solar panels, wind power generation, gray water recycling, composting and green features allows you to customize your home with incremental green options as your budget allows.

Green Terra Homes offers 100% recyclable Prefabricated steel frame homes that are a strong, lightweight and versatile alternative to traditional materials. Offering the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material. Green Terra Homes is the leading manufacturer and supplier of modern steel frame kit homes for the owner builder. Our wide range of country style kit homes has been architect designed and developed specifically for the owner builder. Green Terra Kit Homes provide the most technically advanced owner building systems, proven and tested for superior steel frame strength.

Green Terra Homes also build barns, sheds, boat houses, pretty much any type of structure you could need. A superior built home or building, steel frame, custom off grid, net zero homes and features. All built, shipped and set up, ready to move into in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the price of conventional homes. If you have a piece of unserviced land you can have your dream home and be environmentally clean.

Partnered with Habitat for Humanity

Green Terra Homes Partners with Habitat to Help Canadian Families.
Green Terra has a strong desire to support Habitat as a means of helping more hard working Canadian families in vulnerable situations achieve the dream of home ownership.

On October 28, 2015 Habitat for Humanity Canada and Green Terra Homes announce a new partnership agreement to construct steel frame prefab modular homes utilizing Green Terra Homes steel frame home framing kits.

Our new partnership with Green Terra Homes is a true demonstration of the vision and leadership of their company.

“Green Terra has a strong desire to support Habitat as a means of helping more hard working Canadian families in vulnerable situations achieve the dream of homeownership.” 

The steel frame homes being donated will help us to build safe, decent and affordable homes more quickly and efficiently. Habitat for Humanity Canada is excited about the launch of this new partnership and looks forward to an exciting, long-term relationship that will impact more Canadian families than ever before. Said Mark Rodgers, President and CEO at Habitat for Humanity Canada.

Green Terra Kit Homes come direct from our factory to you. They make it, check it, pack it and guarantee it. They deliver it to anywhere in North America.  Over 1000 steel frame kit homes have been delivered nationwide. They will supply kit home packages from complete framing kits to complete turnkey kits. Which include all building materials. Kitchen, laundry and bathroom, all fittings, insulation, tiles, paint, electrical and plumbing kits. Even a set of tools to help you manage the building of your net zero homes.



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