Renewable Revolution Has Begun

Earth bulb
Earth bulb

Renewable technologies are hitting the market

Depending on which media you follow the messages are vastly different. Some say that our best course of action is to continue with fossil fuels and abandon renewable solutions like solar, wind, geothermal etc practices as they aren’t energy ready to provide for the needs of our growing population. Others are sure that we are on the precipice of a new energy revolution that will translate into a global juggernaut. I am on the side of the latter.

Not only do I believe this for practical reasons but also philanthropic ones. The growing awareness that the choices we make directly affect the lives of others as well as our very survival has increased exponentially in recent years. Couple that with corporations blatantly ignoring the environmental and social impacts of their actions in the name of maximizing profit, and you have a perfect storm brewing. Innovations are flooding the market and can be found with the most basic of searches now. The technologies are advancing, becoming constantly more affordable and more useful.

Ecotusk will be expanding in the near future to accommodate the vast array of stories that are waiting to be amalgamated. I cannot keep up with them. There are literally thousands of projects, be they from universities, private innovators, companies and collaborations that are offering solutions to every one of our living needs. They offer superior living standards and a clean carbon footprint. They offer positive global impact, enriching the lives of millions. They also offer steady jobs and a strong, independent economy.

Solar panels that store their own energy and are projected to save 25% on cost of renewables.

The sun does many things. No matter where you are on earth the sun is giving you energy. It is heating the world and the world itself is also a source of constant energy. Ever heard about solar vacuum tubes? They’ve been around for a while and nobody talks about them.

solar vacuum tubes renewable energy
solar vacuum tubes renewable energy

With this technology you could live in the middle of a frozen tundra and as long as there’s sunlight, regardless of how cold it is, you can heat water and your home. Geothermal energy is also abundant, with two kinds, deep well drilling and much smaller drilling that requires mere feet to obtain sufficient heating energy to accommodate your needs. Using solar panels, vacuum tubes and geothermal energy, you can easily generate 100% of your home power and heating needs.

The kids are all right

Not a month goes by that I’m not reading about the latest teenager who’s developing world problem solving solutions and potential multi-billion dollar business ideas in the name of clean renewable practice. Plastics are a big problem and the fact that they are fossil fuel based only compounds it. There have been amazing progressions in the world of fighting plastic. Mechanisms that gather it in the sea, mushrooms that eat it and alternatives that can be made from hemp, banana peels and even nut shells.

Use your imagination and internet search for anything you’d like an alternative for. Chances are there’s something there.

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